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Filing a Slip and Fall Lawsuit in New York

New York Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident due to the reckless disregard of an irresponsible New York property owner, filing a lawsuit may be a course of action that you should consider.

It is important, however, to locate New York slip and fall lawyers with the experience and success-rate that will ensure the best possible outcome for your case.  Edelman, Krasin & Jaye has been bringing our considerable resources to court for clients since 1952 and we can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Slip and fall accidents in NY

If you have slipped on, tripped over, or fallen from part of a property belonging to another party, the owner of that property may be liable for your injury if he or she allowed an uneven, worn, wet, or slippery surface to endanger you and cause your accident.  Accidents can take place because a spill renders a walkway slippery, because the surface of a walkway is uneven or worn enough to cause someone to trip, because a space is unreasonably cluttered, or because some part of the environment is damaged or faulty, allowing for someone to fall through or because of it.

To be liable, the responsible party would need to have known about the hazard for some time, but have done nothing about it; moreover, the hazard needs to have been something that a “reasonable” person would have taken care of in order to maintain a safe environment.  And the party suffering the accident would have had to have used the environment in the manner in which it was intended.

If the injured party is able to prove in court that another is liable for the accident, he or she may be able to claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential, or other damages, depending on the nature and extent of the injuries.

New York slip and fall lawyers:  how they can help

Don’t try to undertake slip and fall litigation on your own.  NY slip and fall attorneys who have relevant experience and resources are crucial to the success of your case and can take you through the necessary steps:

  • Filing a complaint
  • The discovery phase (in which both sides learn as much as they can about the other)
  • Pre-trial motions
  • Mediation (in which a settlement may be negotiated)
  • The trial itself (2-5 days, usually)

Attorneys of Edelman, Krasin & Kaye can help demonstrate that the accident was the result of the poorly maintained property and that the owner knew about the problem and did nothing about it.  We can take care of paperwork, calling witnesses if necessary, and working through the legal details, in order to get you maximum compensation.

Expert legal advice for slip & fall victims

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, call us at 1-800-469-7429 to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our NY slip and fall lawyers.  We can discuss your potential premises liability case and answer any questions you may have.

Remember, we work on contingency:  we don’t get paid unless we procure a settlement or jury award for you!