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What should you do after a workplace accident?

What should you do after a workplace accident?

Being injured on the job typically happens very unexpectedly. At first, you’re likely to be confused about what happened and what you should do next.

You may wonder if you could lose your job, and you might even feel embarrassed.

To protect your health and ensure your rights, here are some of the steps you should take.

Seek medical attention

Get medical attention for your injuries immediately or as soon as possible. Your health should be the top priority.

Report the injury

Notify your employer or your manager, such as the manager of the construction site, of your injury.

Don’t be afraid, embarrassed or forget to take notes. You should be especially sure to write down the names and positions of every person who was there when you gave notification.

If you lose any time from work, complete Form C-3 and mail it to the nearest office of the Workers’ Compensation Board. You should do this promptly.

Document the injury and communications

As with notifying your employer or manager of your injury, it would be valuable to write down what happened on paper and keep a copy for yourself.

If anyone witnessed the accident, or may have, be sure to write down their names and any contact information they may be willing to provide.

Take pictures of your injury if you can. If you can, get pictures and possibly video of the place where the accident happened and any equipment that was involved in the incident.

Taking the steps above does not require you hire an attorney. However, if you do need to hire counsel, the steps you’ve taken should prove valuable.